Monday, August 28, 2006

2 for 1?

Read a very interesting article in a recent edition of BBC History magazine.
Apparantly, technically speaking, the Republic of Ireland has never left the British Commonwealth and still holds the same status as e.g. Australia or Canada.
Here in Northern Ireland Protestant schools don't generally study Irish history so its not something i know an awful lot about. Think i'll have to look into this one a bit more?
Strange that you never hear that nice Mr Adams mention it?

The appaling news of further terrorist bombings in Turkey has got me thinking.
Early reports suggest that the attacks were carried out by Kurdish sepratists. Are these the same poor, downtrodan people that the good old US invaded Iraq to protect? Maybe they are related to those other bunch of 'nice terrorists' in the KLA that the US bombed Serbia to protect?

Just checking the recent FIFA world cup rankings and noticed one or two very strange annomalies.
Looks like Palestine and Kosovo have a little way to go to reach the top 100. Strange but i always thought they were Israel and Serbia? How can FIFA in all there wisdom offically recognise two countries who don't exist?
The mind boggles!!!

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rupertblue said...

As I understand it, the Govt of Ireland Act, 1920 granted Ireland dominion status, i.e. like Canada and Oz. After partition, the South was renamed the Free State (as my da still calls it) under this agreement. When de Valera came to power in the 1930s, he scrapped the oath of allegiance (in 1932), put a tariff on all incoming British goods, and drew up a new constitution (inspired by Mussolini apparently)providing for a senate and president (1937). Bloody Chamberlain, as part of his appeasement policy, didn't want to alienate an 'ally' , and handed back the strategic 'Treaty ports', so Britain had no foothold in the Free State. After the war, in 1947 ( I think), the new PM, Costello, declared the Free State a Republic, or Eire. Maybe nothing was ever put in writing, tut tut. Maybe they didn't list it as one of their key output objectives.

Now, what you ought to do is start a debate on Slugger O'Toole, and watch the fur fly. Go on, it's really fun watching those feral people fight.