Sunday, September 03, 2006

ITN News?

So the European football qualifiers have started. The less said about that mighty footballing nation Iceland the better. Good God it gets more humiliating by the second.
As a sort of 'aside' to my last post, it was very interesting listening to the ITN news bulletin.
According to them 'The Republic of Ireland have the most difficult task of all the home countries'.
Perhaps i've missed something but since when have they been a Home Country?
Perhaps the ITN recruiters should include O level Geography as an essential qualification for candidates who wish to become newsreaders.

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Anonymous said...

Exactly. Who cares what happens to them anyway? They aren't a part of the United Kingdom and therefore are foreigners. I congratulate NI on a superb result against Spain. It is good to see the NI football team bringing a little joy into the lives of people in a part of our United Kingdom that had suffered for too long from the evil terorist bastards of the IRA.

Your team is excellent and much better than the pathetic, multi-millionaire spoilt brats of my England team. You should be proud of them (especially the one and only David Healy from Killyleigh) and I am sure you are.