Saturday, October 25, 2008

Short Book Review




The book of the film of the book if you catch my drift?

The Ring Trilogy of Japanese Horror movies are some of my favourite films. That scene with Sadako and the TV is up there with Danny Glick at the window in Salem's Lot. It never ceases to creep me out.
This is the original book which inspired the films and it's very very different.

The book takes in aspects of all the films and not just the first one. All similarities end there.

Our hero is male instead of female for a start.

It relies way to much on coincidence as Asakawa and Ryugi seek to solve the riddle of the cursed video tape before the week runs out.

It just doesn't work for me and perhaps this is a fault of the English translation?

At one point Asakawa finds out that Ryugi is a rapist but it doesn't seem to bother him at all?

Unlike the movies there is very little sense of urgency and the 2 leads are uninteresting and not very likable characters.

Perhaps if i had read the book before seeing the films i would have been more impressed but as it is i was pretty disappointed in this one.