Sunday, November 16, 2008

Famiclone Update #10

Here we have the Atlantis Video CD Player.
VCD players that have inbuilt NES emulation were 10-a-penny a few years back but they appear to have been superseded by portable DVD players that have emulation built in.

This one also doubles up as a FM radio receiver and can play MP3 discs.
It came with a CD containing 300 NES Games, mains lead, AV cables and 2 fairly cheap looking game controllers. The games themselves are not the usual .nes variety but seem encoded in some bizarre VCD format.
Don't know where it was made but i would presume China.
It's a heavy unit with an back lit LCD display on the front panel. It also has 2 integrated speakers and a cooling fan. According to the box the CD drive is manufactured by Sony (which i doubt very much).
Now the bad news. The one i got doesn't work so i am unable to comment on the emulation side of things.
When it arrived the CD tray wouldn't open. I took it apart and after eventually getting the tray to eject and putting it back together again the disc mechanism refuses to function.
According to the eBay seller i bought it from it was 'working perfectly when it was shipped' Paypal decided that i would have to pay to send it back for a refund which defeats the purpose somewhat?
Wasn't that expensive at around £10 but will now form an nonworking part of my collection as it's probably not worth the expense to have it fixed.