Thursday, August 30, 2007

Enlightened Iran

Poor old Iran has been getting a lot of bad press recently.
What with the alleged Nuclear arsenal they have and their lunatic leader saying some very dangerous things about Israel and what not.
However, i was just reading in one of the 'quality' papers that Mobile Phones are banned in Iran. Use in public is a flogging offence.
What absolute joy!
Its almost as good a law as Oliver Cromwell banning dancing.
Now i could write a book about the things that piss me off about Mobiles, but, i swear if i hear 'hello...hello....i'm on the bus' one more time I'm going to go insane.
The Mobile is without doubt the biggest blights in any modern society. Great for what its designed for i.e. in an emergency, but God help us all, people just can't take their eyes off the f**king things for more than 5 milliseconds!
Viva Iran!