Wednesday, October 31, 2007


It's case you haven't noticed.
Two things spring to mind.
Firstly, i just watched one of the worst films I've ever seen. Not up there with the likes of Q, the Winged Serpent in the truly appalling stage but pretty bad nonetheless.
Halloween:Resurrection. The 7Th or 8Th i think in the once quite good series. It really was awful. And worse than that Katee Sackoff from The New Battlestar Galactica was in it. I'm sure she doesn't include that one in her resume.

Secondly, fireworks. Fireworks (apart from the indoor variety) are banned and illegal in Northern Ireland. Why then is it that from about the end of August all you can hear are dozens of the bloody things going off? Drives my dog insane (and the less said about the Hamsters the better).
Tonight it's worse than ever. Now don't get me wrong, if people wish to let off fireworks that is up to them. It's just that why...oh they have to do so at 4am in the morning!
Surely, there's a time and a place.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Bad DUP/Good DUP?

On an exciting day for local politics it's hat's off to Margaret Ritchie. As the Minister responsible she has lived up to her promise and withdrawn funding from a project that is 'linked' to the UDA.
Couldn't agree more. The UDA have made no effort whatsoever to distance themselves from terrorism or crimininality. They deserve exactly what they got...nothing. Keep up the good work Margaret....and i never thought i'd ever be saying that about a SDLP Minister.

On a similar note it's shame on the DUP Deputy Leader Peter Robinson to objecting. He did manage to quote some legal techobabble but as the old saying goes ' a blind man could see through him'. It was pathetic and embarrasing Peter. Unionism has to fully distance themselves from any kind of so called Loyalist Paramilitaries. Today, Peter, you played right into the hands of your enemies.

More hat's off, however, to another DUP Minister Edwin Poots for scrapping the nonsense that was the Irish Language Act. I didn't for a minute think that he would have the courage to do it, but he did. This act is laughable. English is the first language of Northern Ireland. If individuals wish to learn or speak Irish that is entirely up to them. Just like French, Spanish, Hungarian or any other foreign language. Funds that could (and now will be) used elsewhere are far more important than this nonsense.

So it's 5 points for Margaret and Edwin and a big fat 0 for Peter.
Could it all be falling apart at the seams? Watch this space.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The God like genius that is David Rainey!

Cometh the hour, Cometh the man!

Discrimination gets me down!

Nice to see that the lovely COE Alistair Darling has upped the threshold for Inheritance Tax.
With property prices rising beyond all expectations its only right that this unfair tax should be raised as a consequence.
As ever, there are conditions.
The threshold has only be raised for couples.
As ever, single people (who live alone) miss out yet again.
The tax system already discriminates against single people and this only increases the burden.
Council Tax for example is based on the value of the property and not on how many people actually live in the property. Thus, a single person pays the same amount as a household with 4 or 5 persons (of which 2 or more could in theory be in full time employment).
The proposed water tax is going to be exactly the same.
It really is about time some political party highlighted this issue, or am i the only one who feels cheated in this way?

Monday, October 08, 2007

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Big Issue....anyone?

Bought the Big Issue today.
I usually buy it on a fairly irregular basis. Not as some charity thing for Romania's homeless but mainly because its a fairly decent read. Passes the time on the way home bus.
However (isn't there always a however), it now seems that Belfast's streets no longer have the proper magazine but instead have 'Ireland's' Big Issue? Lots of not interesting articles about Cork and Wexford though.
It's yet another sign of the ongoing Paddyfication of Northern Ireland and Belfast in particular.
I would like to find out what the marketing genius behind selling a foreign magazine in this part of the United Kingdom was thinking when he made this decision.