Sunday, February 15, 2015


There are many things that irritate me about growing older.  Loosing my hair and having to urinate much more often than i used to are just two of them.
The other one is death.
When you're younger all there ever seems to be is engagements, weddings and babies being born. Nowadays the only things i seem to hear about is someone dying.

An old friend of mine died this weekend.  I use 'old friend' for want of another, more appropriate description.
I never really liked the guy that much and always got the feeling that he felt a similar way about me, but i did spend a fair few of my formative teenage years in his company.  I haven't seen or spoken to him in probably over 30 years but it's still upset me (just a little).

The newspaper obit said he had 4 children and I'm obviously sad for them.
There is something intrinsically unfair about this whole living business it seems.
Here's me, drifting along day by day with, in reality, no sort of life whatsoever and the chances of ever having a family more or less gone and this poor bloke dies at an early enough age.  I think, if memory serves me correctly, that he was a few years younger than me.  I've no idea how he died.  He might have been ill for years for all I know.  It's just not right somehow?

If i feel like it I may even pop along to his funeral on Tuesday but I probably won't.  That would mean getting up during the day and I don't do that much these days.

So there you have it.  Another one bites the dust and I'll still probably wake up in the morning.