Friday, January 18, 2008

Short Book Review.

My latest finished tome is this one:-

Land of the Giants - The Trap by Murray Leinster

It's based on the pilot episode of Irwin Allen's TV show of the same name. I've been a big fan of 'Giants' since i was young and am a member of the Official fan club. Picked this one up a while ago in a local Charity shop.

It's shit.

It really is.

It's clear that the writer was either given a very early script of the pilot episode or that he has never watched an episode of the series, ever. The plot is nothing like the aired episode and the characters bear little resemblance to the ones i came to know and love from the series.

It's also a very boring book. The writer uses page after page of irrelevant technobabble which has no bearing on the plot whatsoever.

Not recommended at all.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Home is where the heart is.

This is my home. My Country. My nation.

It's called Northern Ireland. I'm proud of it.

I am sick, sore and tired of it being referred to as the North of Ireland, the Six Counties, the Occupied Six Counties or any of the other names some presume to call it.

It's NORTHERN IRELAND. No ifs, no buts or anything else. End of!