Saturday, January 18, 2014


I watch ladies tennis.  I like ladies tennis.
Not for the reason you might imagine that they are a lot of really hot ladies tennis players and they wear skimpy outfits.  That helps but it's not that difficult to find footage of hot ladies wearing skimpy outfits if that's the sort of the thing you are interested in?

The men's game leaves me cold.  It's all about power.  The harder the serve the shorter the game.  It's different for the ladies.

My favourite is our own Laura Robson.  She's done very well over the last few years and it's been great to watch her progression.  On and off the court she behaves impeccably, never does anything even remotely controversial and appears to be a sports star that can be looked up to as an example.

I follow Laura on Facebook.  It's a depressing experience.
She frequently gives us, her fans, a brief glimpse into her private life.  Show's us how her training is going and does her best to provide a little bit of news and commentary on things she is interested in and passionate about.

Laura's page shows some of the true negative side of Facebook and the whole social media thing in general.
Yes, she's an attractive girl but every single time she posts something there is a deluge of crude, sexual comments posted by many who seemingly get some sort of a thrill out of that sort of thing.
You can probably imagine the sort of thing i mean without having to repeat any of it.

It's sad that some people live such pathetic lives that they would do such a thing.
It's not big and it's not clever.
Not by a very long way.