Saturday, February 12, 2005

Short Political Rant!

I was in Belfast today and something really, really got on my wick!
There was a demonstration. I know what you are thinking....Belfast....demonstation....Hello!
Anyway it was about water charges. We in Northern Ireland are going to have to pay for water, you know the stuff which falls from the sky, in large ammounts.
It has its pro and cons. My opinion is fairly straight forward. The rest of the UK pays so why should we in NI be any different. Its one of those things...just hope it is a fair, metered system e.g. why should i (i sadly live alone because no one loves me) have to pay the same as my neighbours who have 6 in the house. Logically they will use more water than me and so should should pay more. But ..........this is an arguement for another day.

But, back to the demonstration. It was passing along fairly peacefully as i was trying to cross the road and what did i spot? Banners and protesters from...wait for it... Communist Party, Socialist Workers Party and last but not least those trendy lefties Militant.
Why does this sort have to hi-jack this sort of protest. What possible connection do the Communist Party have to a protest against water charges. This always seems to happen during this sort of thing.
Do left wingers have a monopoly on protest! It spoils what was a perfect legitimate protest and makes it a cheap political protest.
What really gets me is that no-one except me seems to object to this. Local Unionist MP Bob McCartney was there with the rest of them. Does he agree with a Communist Party presence?

We live in a country, here i mean the UK, not just Northern Ireland, where it seems to be socially acceptable to have extreme left wing views but unacceptable to have right wing views. I wonder what reaction a BNP presence would have had on todays demonstration.

I did however make a small protest by verbally abusing a Communist Party member, who seemed to disagree strongly with my views on North Korea, Checynea, Ethiopea.......etc etc.