Tuesday, December 02, 2014



I must confess that this novel was purchased solely on it's subject matter.  I have never previously read anything by this author and am led to believe that this is her first in the Historical fiction genre.
Considering that it's a reasonable enough effort and an enjoyable read.

I would imagine that most admirers of the late British Queen will read almost anything with her name or image on it.  I am as guilty of that as anyone else  i'm not ashamed to admit.

The novels real focus is not, however, solely based upon Anne.  She is, obviously, a principal character but it's more on the life of Henry Percy and the author's fictional character Will Chatton who becomes the Earl's manservant and friend. 

The author's writing style has some irritating faults as does the novel in general - 

1.  She spends way to much time and appears to have an unhealthy obsession with what her characters are wearing.  It seems that every other page there is a lengthy and very dull full description of her characters outfits.

2.  I found Chattons meteoric rise from servant to a prosperous businessman somewhat hard to believe although i did generally like the character.

3.  Some of the language she uses is also a little difficult to comprehend.  Does the author really believe that two people, in the comfort of their own homes, had private conversations in such a formal manner?

4.  The ending is very, very rushed.  It almost seems as if Ms.Andrews simply got fed up and rushed off the last few chapters just to be finished with it.

It may seem that i'm being a little harsh which is not my intention.  I did enjoy it but it's nothing special.  I won't read it again and would find it difficult to fully recommend. 

It's stunningly average in every possible way.