Friday, August 18, 2006

Shine on you crazy diamond!

So Syd Barratt has died....
That old chestnut of 'Everyone loves you when you're dead' has never ever been so true. Everyone from Elton John to Captain Sensible has been droning on and on about the true genius of this man who was (incase you don't know) one of the founding members of Pink Floyd.
Anyone who is in any doubt, i beg you, have a listen to any of his solo albums. I have never in my entire life heard such utter utter bollocks. I get down on my knees every day and thank the good Lord that this pathetic excuse for a songwriter hid himself away from the rest of humanity for the last 30 years.
OK so Arnold Layne and See Emily Play were fairly good Pop singles but one listen to Bike or that one about the elephant sums up the wonderful (not) talent that he was. Roll on now the countless biographies and documentaries in celebration of his wonderful legacy.
There is a genius that was Pink Floyd. His name is Roger Waters.
Can you imagine Barratt writing The Wall? No neither can I!!


rupertblue said...
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rupertblue said...

How dare you.

Sid Vicious was a genius!