Sunday, October 29, 2006

For Erin...

The easy silence that you make for me
Its ok when there's nothing more to say to me
And the peaceful quiet that you create for me
And the way you keep the world at bay for me...


Wednesday, October 04, 2006

This is the last voice you'll ever hear.

So North Korea are to test a nuclear
In two minds about this one.
Firstly, as an Independent Sovereign nation North Korea are quite entitled to do whatever they like. Unless they clearly threaten another nation noboby has any right to interfere with thier internal politics.
On the other hand, it is quite alarming. The threat of a nuclear war is a world problem. One that could engulf the entire planet and in the end destroy us all.
So what to do? No doubt the US are preparing already and the entire Arab world are finding some way to blame Israel.
Me...i'm off to watch Threads.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Stranglers in good album...horror....shock!

I was but a mere slip of a lad when i first heard Go Buddy Go on the radio. If my memory serves me correctly i was about 13. It changed my really.
The Stranglers have been a huge part of my life ever since. I've spent the best part of 30 years now collecting anything and everything that bears the name. For a long time i even wore nothing but black (still do now and again). Lots of Stranglers fans are obsessive, its a thing we have in common. Just the sound of JJ's bass or a Dave Greenfield synth run is enough to keep us going when things get rough.
Hasn't all been smooth though. When Hugh Cornwell left in 1990 it was the end of an era. The last Hugh album '10' was as good as anything they had ever done. The hits were still happening and it was a big big shock.
Stranglers mark 2 arrived. Lets call them the wilderness years, or the karaoke Stranglers years.
Roberts and Ellis just didn't fit in. John Ellis's insistence on fitting in a tinny guitar solo to every track was awful. Paul Roberts worked very hard but i didn't like the way he sang. I tried but it just didn't happen. The band i had grown up with had gone. Hughs solo albums were even worse.
There were a few gems hidden away, In Heaven She Walks was a great single that nobody bought.
Step forward Stranglers Mark 3. Ellis was gone (thankfully) by 2000, Roberts followed in 2006. Good bye and good luck. Stranglers fans worldwide rejoiced.
Suite XV1 the new album, the 2nd with Baz Warne has just been released. By God, its good.
It sounds like the Stranglers, it IS the they'd never been away.
I'm so happy i could really.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Bitter and

The funeral of Shirley Finlay took place last week.
This poor unfortunate young lady was brutally murdered and her body dumped in Ballymena. It appears that she was (amongst other things) strangled. Police also strongly suspect that she was sexually assaulted.
Apparantly she lived alone and had some fairly significant psychological problems. She also appears to have drunk a lot and had lived in several foster homes.
Neighbours were quick to gather around and the usual platitudes were dished out .i.e. 'she was a quiet girl who kept herself to herself'. In other words nobody knew anything whatsoever about her. She was, no doubt, 'that wierdo who lives down the street'.
The funeral was attended by several hundred 'mourners'.
I wonder how many of them had even given her the time of day during her short and tragic life.
How many even knew her name before they read it in the newspapers.
Did they ever buy her a bunch of flowers when she was alive? I very much doubt it!
This brings me to the point of this rant.
I refer to my previous 'Sick of being sick' posting.
I have a very small circle of friends ( and i use that expression is the loosest possible way).
ALL of them without exception now know that i was in hospital recently.
Not a phone call, email, fax, text or anything else has been forthcoming from any of them. I could still be in Hospital for all they know? God God i could be dead for all the difference it would make. Not one has even bothered to try and find out. Whilst i admit i'm sick on a fairly regular basis its not too much to ask that someone calls to find out?

I'm sure that if Shirley could see what had happened after her death she would be wondering what its all about.
The point is that the dead can take care of themselves, the living need the support!