Saturday, August 26, 2006

The Royal Mail

I read somewhere recently that the Royal Mail estimate that last year (2005) they made profits of approx £500 million on parcels sent for transactions from eBay.
So how then have Royal Mail rewarded those 10s of thousands of punters who trudge to thier local post office through wind, snow and rain with thier 99p eBay sales tucked neatly into thier Tescos bag for lifes?
By increasing thier prices.
Now a parcel is priced not only by weight but also by size and shape, resulting in a fairly large price rise all round.

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rupertblue said...

Sickening isn't it. You can also make a huge profit by CLOSING THOUSANDS OF SMALL PO.S and CUTTING STAFFING LEVELS TO THE QUICK, resulting in jawdroppingly long queues in those few establishments that are still open. Spend all lunchtime standing in a vast line of smelly alcoholics encashing their DLA payments, such a delight.