Friday, August 15, 2008 it just me?

Been a bit of a strange few weeks in the world...
First, cast your mind back a few years. Iraq invades Kuwait. The entire civilised world does the right thing, sends in the troops and the proper order is restored (for a while anyway).
Russia invades Georgia, and it IS an invasion. The civilised world does....nothing.
Georgia has every right to defend it's territory from separatist terrorists and Russia has no right to interfere in a sovereign nations affairs.
So, where are the tanks and troops now? Let Georgia join NATO. Flood the place with NATO troops and Russia might think twice about attacking again.
A bit closer to home and today was the 10Th anniversary of one of the most heinous acts in Northern Ireland's short and bloody history.
I am of course meaning the Omagh bombing where 29 innocent civilians (+ 2 unborn babies) were murdered by a 'Real' IRA car bomb.
Make no mistake, this event was not carried out by 'dissident' Republicans, the 'Real' IRA or anyone else. It was the IRA in whatever shape and form they like to model themselves. They carried out this attack and their attempts to distance themselves from it is almost as sickening as the event itself.
To mark the occasion a memorial event was held in Omagh, although for numerous reasons many of the injured victims and some relatives stayed away.
Who then was sitting in the front row at the service? Yep, you've guessed it. None other than, self confessed IRA commander Martin McGuiness.
I wonder what the victims families thought about his presence? McGuiness knows exactly who carried out this attack and his presence is an affront to respect and common decency. This man has blood on his hands. Of that there is no doubt. He didn't 'rise' to become commander of the IRA in Londonderry by being good at paperwork. He should be behind bars. Instead he sits at an event like this! It beggars belief. DUP MP Jeffrey Donaldson sat comfortably beside him.
There is one of those Militant Christians who is often in Belfast's City Centre. He wears a sandwich board saying 'The End of The World is Nigh'
You know he just might be right.

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