Monday, August 11, 2008

Famiclone Update #6

Here we have it then, not a Famiclone at all but the MD Max Lite handheld.
Made in China as usual and available in Blue, Black and White. A 2.7" colour TFT screen with TV out function. AV cables are included.
5 face buttons and the usual D pad controller.
No built in games.
As far as i know this one is the 'Big Brother' of the more common One Station Console (I'll update with that one soon).
It's 16 bit and the games come in minute cartridges. They really are the smallest carts i've ever come across. I got 2 carts with this one (see picture).
One is a 3 game multi cart, the other a 4 game one. Games are Mega Drive or hacks of Mega Drive games. I love the way the cart boxes mimic those of the GBA.
The games listed on the 4 game cart are incorrect as only 1 of them, Batman, is actually included.
Screen is bright and clear and the buttons are responsive. Very well made.
Further carts seem to be easy enough to get hold of and are very cheap. I've ordered some more from www.
It cost 99p from a Hong Kong eBay seller.
Not a bad effort at all.

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