Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Sing if you're proud to be straight!

As a (fairly) normal Heterosexual male i was pretty unimpressed to get caught up in Belfast's Gay Pride parade last Saturday. Same thing happened last year.
It would be very hypocritical to call myself a Homophobe as i have enough Lesbian porn to last 10 men a lifetime. I enjoy Lesbian porn as i don't particularly want to look at another blokes swinging scrotum thank you very much. My own is bad enough.

However, i admit that i find the very thought of 2 men engaging in buggery (or even heavy petting) absolutely repulsive. It makes my skin crawl. Having had the dubious pleasure of the flexible sigmoidiscope on numerous occasions I can't possibly imagine what pleasure anyone can derive from such an act.

What 2 consenting adults get up to in the privacy of their own homes is, i believe, entirely up to them. What i don't see dosen't hurt me. This is precisely where i have a big problem with this parade.

From the little i did see of it, it appeared to be a lot of blokes dressed as women, gyrating themselves on floats to really bad disco music?

I was always led to believe that being a Transvestite and a Homosexual where two entirely different things? Apparently not.

I have witnessed many Gay men on TV stating that they just want to be left alone to get on with their lives. Fair enough.

So what then is the purpose of such a parade? All it does is to cement the stereotype many have of Homosexual men (in particular). Look at the 'bloke' in the picture. What's he trying to prove?

I would have no desire to take part in a Straight Pride parade as my sexuality is mine and nobody Else's concern.

Parades like Saturdays do the Gay community more harm than good and should cease forthwith.


Anonymous said...

The gay community need to be loud and vocal in order to gain full acceptance within society. It still is not acceptable for two men to kiss in public or even to walk along the street hand in hand. People like yourself don't need to consider other peoples sex lives if you find it troubling but you do need to accept diversity.

junkmale said...

Well Anon, you are entitled to your opinion obviously, but i fail to see how an event like Gay Pride helps the Gay community gain any sort of acceptance? As i said in the post, from what i saw of it, it simply reinforced the stereotypical image of a Gay person? It's not acceptable to do many things on a public street, dosen't mean its either right or wrong.
You are right i don't need to consider other peoples sex lives unless its right 'in your face' as it was at Gay Pride!