Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Famiclone Update #5

Here we have the FC Mobile from Hyperkin.
It is exactly what it looks like i.e. a portable NES/Famicom. Back lit with a 2.4" LCD screen. Mines Red but it also comes in black.

AV cable and instruction manual are included along with the normal set of buttons and a handy headphone socket. 2 built in speakers. Sound quality is fine. It takes 3 AA batteries.
Hyperkin clones are usually of fairly good quality and this one is no exception. The screen is bright and clear and the buttons are responsive.
Takes NES cartridges. Not sure if it's PAL or NTSC? A lot of NES carts are non region specific anyway. It's made in China.

Not many problems with it. Carts are a bit of a tight fit and the large size of NES carts means that they wobble about a bit. I have a few portables and this is a problem with them all. But it's a minor complaint.
On the whole then it's pretty good for NESing on the go. Reasonably solid build.
Cost was about £15 with the normal extortionate shipping fees from the USA.

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