Thursday, October 04, 2007

Big Issue....anyone?

Bought the Big Issue today.
I usually buy it on a fairly irregular basis. Not as some charity thing for Romania's homeless but mainly because its a fairly decent read. Passes the time on the way home bus.
However (isn't there always a however), it now seems that Belfast's streets no longer have the proper magazine but instead have 'Ireland's' Big Issue? Lots of not interesting articles about Cork and Wexford though.
It's yet another sign of the ongoing Paddyfication of Northern Ireland and Belfast in particular.
I would like to find out what the marketing genius behind selling a foreign magazine in this part of the United Kingdom was thinking when he made this decision.

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beano said...

I've never seen the real Big Issue on sale and I used to see the "Ireland's Issues" magazines on sale fairly regularly during my years at Queen's (which came to an end in July just passed).

Having read one a friend picked up one time I made a conscious decision not to by one. To be honest, if I didn't think they'd take offence I'd have just given them the money and told them to keep the magazine.