Saturday, July 25, 2009

No more mobiles!

One of the sillier ideas the Conservative Party have announced recently is their idea to include removing Mobile Phones from offenders who have been issued with (amongst other things) an ASBO.
Not a very sensible idea, methinks. For a start all someone would need to do was to buy a new 'pay-as-you-go' phone. They're not very expensive after all and how would the Police enforce the rule? With great difficulty i would imagine.
However, in theory it's not a bad idea. I despise mobile phones with a passion. They are fantastic for what they are designed for i.e. in an emergency. They continue to be one of the worst blights of the 21st century (so far).
I would go a lot further than the Tories idea. As far as i am concerned the use of mobile phones in public places should be banned.
There are many very good reasons for this. Nuisance and public safety are just two.
Just imagine if i was to walk down Royal Avenue tomorrow shouting at the top of my voice? I'd probably be arrested. Seems ok when you've got a mobile stuck to your ear?
If you swear at a Police Officer now it is a chargeable offence under the Public Order Act. However, if you use public transport you can shout and swear as much as you like as long as you're on the phone.
Imagine if i crossed the road tomorrow with my head down, not, obviously looking where i was going. Stupid, yes? An offence, also yes? Likely to cause an accident, possibly? How many times have you spotted some twat doing just this whilst sending a vitally important (obviously) text message.
The whole worlds seeming fascination with these devices beggars belief.
And just don't get me started on fu*king text speak!

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RetroKingSimon said...

Couldn't agree more, they're so annoying on public transport. I don't want to hear all these people's conversations! I also hate 'txt speak', it's lazy and annoying. As for the selfish tossers who use them while driving... Grrrr!