Sunday, February 24, 2008

Famiclone Update # 2

The latest in my never ending quest for bizarre Gaming Consoles is this one.
It's the TV Joystick 36 in 1.Made in China (surprise, surprise) by Timetop, the same company behind the Gameking series of handhelds. It's shaped like a XBOX controller.

I've discovered that these are being sold in the UK by Maplin at the princely sum of £4.95. This one cost me 99p from eBay.
It's housed in a sealed plastic container and comes with an Engrish manual and the usual TV connecting leads. Powered by 4 AA batteries.

As usual with this sort of thing it doesn't contain 36 games. There are a total of 12 games included.
Note to maker - different levels of the same game are NOT different games.

It also claims to be 16 bit, but graphics to me look to be on the 8 bit side. Around Master System standard.
On the whole the quality isn't all that bad.

The games are:-
First Blood - Vertical 3rd Person shooter.
Stoneage - 2D platform game with really bad collision detection.
Bombs Away - Bomberman clone.
Gun Force - Contra clone.
Yo Yo Rabbit - Very poor 2D Platform game.
Sharp Knight - Wonderboy clone.
Firebolt - A 194X clone that's is unplayable as it runs way to fast.
Risker - Yet another Poor 2d Platform game.
Army Strike - Looks like a light gun game which is difficult when you don't have a light gun connection.
Adventure - Poor Maze type game.
Ice & Fire Fighter - 2D Platform Game.
Frantic Raindrop - Super Putty clone.

There is no cart slot.
Overall it's fairly well made and sturdy. One nice point is the inclusion of X and Y buttons which serve no purpose in any of the games.

Another slight irritant is the lack of a Menu screen, which is probably deliberate to make you think that there are 36 games included. The actual Menu is a very blurry screen shot of each game level.

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