Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Short Mouse Rant!!

I became a killer today.
On Monday last i flicked the light switch in the kitchen to find a mouse on my draining board. It flew like Lance Armstrong up Alpe D'Huez behind the washing machine. The thought of this horrible little thing pissing and defacating on my mince steak and where i make my morning sandwichies was enough to spurn me into action.
The next day i bought 2 mouse traps. 'The Nipper' they were called. For the next few days the mouse eluded me. I named it the 'Albert Einstien' of the mouse world. No matter what was in the trap it was gone the next day.
Porridge oats was the answer. Sprinkled all around the trap. It had to crawl all over it to eat.
Today i had success. There it was this morning dead as a doormouse(sorry).
And it was just a baby. It was just lying there with its eyes still open looking up at me as if to say - 'What have you done'. It was really delicate.
Now i'm not going to turn into Julian Cope but God i regret it! What right had i to take away the life of an innocent creature who, when alls said in done was just living its life the only way it knew how? I wonder did it hurt? Was the poor thing in pain?
Its the humane 'will not kill the mouse' trap for me next time.
I'm off to make a donation to the WWF.

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