Wednesday, February 18, 2009

It shoudn't be allowed!

I've just read that TV Adventurer and 'Survivor' man 'Bear' Grylis has become a father for the 3rd time.

The name of the new baby boy? Huckleberry...yep Huckleberry.

He has 2 other children. Jesse and Marmaduke.....yep Marmaduke.

Who in the name of all that's Holy would call their children Huckleberry and Marmaduke! WTF!

Just imagine the years of playground abuse that these poor unfortunates will be subjected to. It beggars belief. Scorn and ridicule await them at every point in their lives.

How can 2 grown adults seriously discuss naming their new baby and come up with Marmaduke?

I just don't know........

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