Sunday, September 28, 2008

Making plans for Nigel?

As a new round of International fixtures looms, here's a short message to Mr.Worthington.


In other world news the financial crisis deepens. In the USA the Government has stepped in with a multi billion dollar rescue package and closer to home my Government has nationalised the Bradford & Bingley. I'm not a financial expert but it seems to me that Banks are businesses like any other? If they are failing due to mis-management or whatever that is their problem? I don't see why my taxes should be used to bail out a failing company just because the Government says so. When my Dad was alive and ran a Petrol Station nobody gave him any tax payers money when he had a 'bad week', why should it be any different for anyone else? If i was American i would be very very unhappy.

Nice to see that the Conservative Party have stated at their annual Conference that will field candidates at every Constituency in Northern Ireland. And about time too.

In theory anyway this could mean the beginning of the end of the 'tribal' politics we have had here since partition. I'm not a particular supporter of the Tories but given a choice between the local Parties and the Conservatives, i know where my votes going. Lets hope they live up to their promises and that Labour and the Liberal Democrats follow suit.


Alex said...

Question: If your dad's petrol station had have gone bust, would it have sent the entire nation's economy into a tailspin?

If not, do us a favour and stop comparing apples and oranges.

It wouldn't hurt to try to understand at least some of what is involved in this issue before commenting on it. Even a basic attempt to read some news articles about the proposed bailout should have been enough to inform you that it the idea was to stop the US economy from tanking. Whether it would have worked, or whether it would only cause worse problems down the line is another argument, but to say "This small business doesn't get a bail-out, so why should a bail-out be considered here!?" is to totally miss the point.

junkmale said...

You very well may be right Andy but i'm not convinced at all.
I'm not a economics expert and can therefore only look at whats happening with a 'laymans' eyes.
It seems to me that a lot of the current problems have been caused by the Banks themselves?
If this is the case then they only have themselves to blame and shouldn't expect the taxpayer to bail them out.
Who makes the decisions on which business is 'big' enough to save and which isn't?
What happens next time?
Just some questions that remain unanswered.
I include BTW the US Congress amongst those who remain doubtful that simply throwing money at the problem is the answer.