Monday, December 10, 2007

You, me and the BNP.

Numerous times in the past I've been asked if i support the BNP.
No i don't. Or the really honest answer is No I can't? To date the BNP have never (as far as i am aware) fielded a candidate in Northern Ireland. Therefore, even if i wanted to support them i couldn't physically do so.
Would i vote for them if they did (as they often promise) field some candidates? I'd certainly think about it. I will 'cross that bridge' as the old saying goes.
Sometimes though i have a quick look at the BNP website. Sometimes it's bollocks sometimes it's spot on.

I was going to post a comment on what's happening in Serbia but the writer here says it all really.
It's a disgraceful situation where yet again terrorism seems to have won.
Serbia is a beautiful country with a proud and distinct history. It MUST have our support now in it's time of need.
Kosovo IS Serbia.
The US backed UN must withdraw now and leave this internal dispute in the lawful hands of the Serbian Authorities.

A quick example of whats really going on in the Kosovan region.

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