Friday, December 07, 2007

In the News Today.

Two news items had me foaming at the mouth today.

Firstly this one:-

It appears that the chuckle brothers are having a jolly good time in the 'home of Democracy and freedom' this week. Doesn't it just make your heart burst with pride.
It really is beyond contempt what Paisley has done.
Surprised though that Hilary Clinton has stated that there is now an 'open door' at the Whitehouse for these 2 pathetic excuses for men.
Strange, Hilary but i thought there was already an 'open door' in the Whitehouse for the IRA?
When was St.Patricks Day again?
Dontcha just love the Global War on Terror.

Secondly was this one:-

Seems that Racism is rife in the world of Boxing?
Bernard Hopkins has 'taunted' our own (or Italy's) Joe Calzaghe, calling him 'white boy' and boasting that he will never be beaten by a white man.
Now just picture for a second the world's reaction had Joe called Hopkins 'black boy' or in fact made any mention of his skin colour at all.
Good God, WW3 would have been declared, Joe would, naturally, have been branded a BNP thug and Gordon Brown would have straight onto Bush with an apology.
It's the other way around though and the worlds reaction....silence.
Bernard Hopkins is racist scum and i hope I'm not the last to say it.

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