Friday, December 21, 2007

Change the Record.

I watched one of those reality Police shows on the telly last night. Can't remember what it was called but part of the show followed some London traffic Police who were using newish technology to catch people who were driving without insurance. The device scanned the vehicles number plate and was able to tell almost instantly whether or not the car was properly insured. Driving this way is not as 'trivial' as most would imagine. Just wait until you have a No Fault accident with an uninsured driver!

Anyway, one particular upstart of a woman was stopped without the appropriate insurance. The poor Police Constable that had to deal with this woman had to suffer a torrent of verbal abuse. The woman's excuse was.....'You only stopped me because i am black'.

Good God but it pissed me off. I am so fed up with that attitude.

Others include 'Its because I'm white, a woman/man, Roman Catholic/Protestant, Gay/Straight, Tall/Small, Fat/Thin, Disabled etc etc. The list is almost endless.

How i wish these sort of people who use irrational excuses would, for once, take the chips of their collective shoulders. Or 'wake up and smell the coffee' as our American cousins might say.

The woman in question had no insurance? The colour of her skin was as irrelevant just as much to the Police as it is to you and me.

In other news, I'm saddened to see that ex Northern Ireland manager Lawrie Sanchez (see picture) has been sacked as manager of Fulham. I don't follow the English game much but it seems a harsh decision. OK, results were not good but they could at least have given the man until the new year to try and improve. One or two wins over the busy Christmas and New Year period would have changed everything. It's a cutthroat world is football management. I would have loved to see Sanchez succeed. He will always be a legend in Northern Ireland for what he achieved here.

I bet Nigel Worthington wishes he had signed the contract now?

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