Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Batman in the Launderette?

I remember a great song by a band called The Shapes called, strangely enough, Batman in the Launderette.

They were a sort of late 70's comedy Punk band. It was great.

I didn't meet Batman today but i did have a very pleasant chat with local Alliance Party MLA, David Ford in the butchers shop.

Good God the man can talk. All i did was say 'Hello David'. Had me there for about 20 minutes.

I did however get the chance to ask him about fellow assembly member and convicted terrorist Catriona Ruane and her announcement today to scrap the 11+ selection examination for 11 year olds in Northern Ireland.

He was none to impressed. He did say that whilst he agreed in principal with her proposals that he had asked her a question 3 times and that she had refused to give a straight answer? Not like a politician then? And Ms Ruane can't be described as a politician at the best of times.

The rest of the conversation was only about the weather and stuff.

I don't vote Alliance. As an Anti-Agreement Unionist i don't actually vote at all anymore simply because I've got no one to vote for?

I do respect, however what the Alliance Party have tried to achieve throughout the years.

Unfortunately for them, sitting on the fence doesn't pull much weight in Northern Ireland.

IRA supporters will vote for the IRA. Unionists will vote for one of the Unionist Parties simply to try and keep the 'other' side out.

The more things change the more things stay the same.

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