Sunday, February 25, 2007

Played by men with odd shaped balls?

Its nice to see that the annual farce of the Six Nations Rugby has begun again.

Firstly, i hate Rugby with a passion. Being a Grammar school boy i was forced to play this appalling excuse for a sport during my formative years. An experience i will never ever forget.

But, down to this particular competition.

'Ireland' is not an nation. It is an Island that houses 2 separate nations i.e. Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. For Rugby, for whatever reason, the countries are combined.

I 100% object to this and fail to understand how the sports governing authorities allow players from 2 different foreign countries to get away with it.

Can you imagine Scotland selecting Wayne Rooney for the next football World Cup qualifier simply because they live on the same Island?

If respect was shown to the Northern Irish players it might be different. All games are played in Dublin, the Republic of Ireland's flag is raised and the National Anthem of Northern Ireland is never played.

Parity of esteem it's not.

If they want to introduce a 7 nations championship i am all for it. To include England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, France and Italy.

At least that way it would be Geographically and Historically correct.
Pictured are some 'Ireland' fans celebrating the inclusion of the Ulstermen on the team.

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