Saturday, November 18, 2006

Yet another pointless list??

I had to have a Barium Enema this week. Possibly the most humiliating and painful medical procedure known to man. Apart from the Colonoscopy and the Prostrate gland examination obviously. I suspect that giving birth isn't too pleasant either...but being of the male persausion i suppose i'll never find out.
Anyway, as i had my 21st bout of Picolax induced diorreah(sic) i got to thinking. I made a list of the top 5 people i'll like to see endure the dubious pleaseure of the Barium Enema. Not physically see but you get my drift.

1. Robbie Williams - he's a know he is.
2. Martin Maguiness - former Minister for education and self confessed IRA murderer.
3. Martin Lawrence - possibly the unfunniest person ever. With the possible exception of Josef Stalin or my ex boss David Brooks who had no sense of humour whatsoever.
4. Maragret Beckett - the world's ugliest politician.
5. Belladonna - my favourite porn star. Only because it would probably be a relief to her to have such a small tube pushed up her backside. As opposed to her usual assortment of items i.e. baseball bats etc. The woman has no shame.

More will come to mind i'm this space.


beryl said...

LESLIE GRANTHAM. Nothing would make me happier than to insert a large tube up that creepy little pervert's arse. And put it on a webcam and sell it on.

junkmale said...

He'd be hard to get at though..what with being buried under all that concrete!