Monday, September 18, 2006

Got a strange letter through the post the other day.
In amongst all those plastic charity bags and letters telling me that i had just won £100,000 (all i have to to is phone a number at £6 a minute to claim!) was a pink envelope declaring 'Its a girl thing'.
There are no girls in my house but i opened it anyway.
Inside was a nice pen, a pink ribbon and a letter from Cancer Research asking me to donate to breast Cancer research.
A very worthwhile charity i'm sure you would agree.
However, 2 pages later i was most concerned to find no mention of the male sex at all?
Some googling later i discovered that last year in the UK approx 300 men died from breast cancer. Its most prevalent in the overweight apparantly.
Obviously the percentage amongst females is much much higher. That, however, is not the point.
For an official charity not even to mention the fact that breast cancer is not in fact 'a girl thing' is an absolute disgrace. Unlike for example Testicluar Cancer whilst is most definetly 'a boy thing'.
The public needs educated. Charities should be doing this instead of sending deliberatly false and misleading information in the post.
I feel a cheeky letter coming on.

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rupertblue said...

Yeah, and since when have tumours been pink, anyway?

And, to put a female slant on this, I don't particularly WANT to be reminded that I stand a one-in-seven chance of being struck down by a totally non-preventable illness.

The free pens are good, though.