Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Film Reviews # 1

Josie and the Pussycats is a film based on the sometimes Archie comics characters released last year to a critical panning and Box Office misery.

This is a great shame because it is excellent!

The story is based around the rise to stardom of a small town girl group called, not surprisingly, Josie and the Pussycats. A ruthless record company rep plucks them from obscurity and molds them to become the 'next big thing'.
Its basically a musical/ comedy that cruelly exposed the music and advertising industry. The film is littered with product placements in the most obvious way possible. Which is its whole point.

Its contains some absolute classic one - liners and throwaways. The cast are excellent and Rachael Leigh Cook is superb as the titular character Josie. Oh and did i mention that she is absolutely georgeous. This may have coloured my view of the film somewhat.

The outstanding thing for me however was the music. Jane Weidlin from the Go Gos was involved and it shows. Every song is a punk/pop classic and the video for '3 small words' on the DVD extras is worth the purchase price alone.

Buy the soundtrack - watch the movie- you know it makes sense!

(did i mention Rachael Leigh Cook?). Thought so!!


Sancta Munney said...

As a member of the Northern Ireland Civil Service, I am offended by your criticism of the smoking ban. Why should I, sitting only a hundred feet and two floors away, be subjected to your filthy cancerous fumes? It's about time someone stood up to smokers in opinion.

Sancta Munney

flibbertigibbet said...

Is Rachel Leigh Cook that girl who used to be in 'Taggart'? She was in one where they discovered those drugs in a warehouse beside the Clyde. It's a bit like that episode of the Sweeney where John Thaw gets kidnapped by those triads running a courier business. That's John Thaw who used to be married to Sheila Hancock, who was Wolfie Smith's mother-in-law in Citizen Smith. Or was that Hilda Baker? Yes, yes, that's what I'm thinking of, because she's now Nana Moon in Eastenders, Alfie Moon's granny, who used to be married to Colleen Nolan of the Nolan sisters, or was it Bernie? No, Bernie was the one in Brookside. I think Colleen used to do the Domestos ad,or maybe that was that woman from Rentaghost in the seventies? Anyway...